Stephanie Roi

Author of the 'Devil you don't know' series
Book 1 'Dogging' out now at Amazon, itunes, smashwords, and Nook.
Book 2 'Loving' Due out June 2014

I also make gifs of things that caught my fancy but I don't remember why.

Dogging by Stephanie Roi




Isa’s Review:


A friend of mine (names withheld to protect the guilty) went through a peculiar situation - he’d always thought of himself as gay, and suddenly he fell in love with a girl. He was going crazy thinking it over, rethinking it, over-thinking it: what did that make him?…

I’ve forgotten who said it or how they said it but it goes along the lines of ‘there are plenty of people telling it like it is but not as many telling it like it should be.’ This video is all kinds of smart ways for progression, healing and betterment.


The social experiment was set up by the SOS Mayday action network to raise awareness about the thousands of children suffering in war-torn Syria.

What would you do if you saw a freezing child? They set up a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway. This is what happened.